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Real Intentions for Life

Every Heart Has a Purpose - A Wish To Die For

  • Establish an individual and identifiable meaning and goal for dignity.
  • Preregister by completing an ACD during the prime of life.
  • Visualize priorities and values being balanced with work and rest.
  • Experience life’s trials and tribulations as the evolution of virtue.
  • Create a definitive finish line and realize lifetime achievement.

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“It’s well worth taking this journey with the author to help us clarify our own beliefs.” Excerpt from the ForewordCarol Bradley

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Wishes To Die For inspires the Fountain of Vitality….
As a doctor, I was exceedingly impressed with Wishes To Die For, a truly a heartfelt book whose message is well worth the read to help us clarify our own end-of-life beliefs and personal preferences. Through this book, Dr. Kevin Haselhorst opens the channel for the free flow of energy between living consciously and dying with dignity. He provides patients and caregivers an introspective starting point for the inevitable and challenging end-of-life conversations. Dr. Eric Kaplan, bestselling author of 5 Minute Motivator and Dying to Be Young

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Real Intentions for Life are captured from reading Wishes To Die For:
  • Make wishes in anticipation of suffering being replaced by lasting peace
  • Acknowledge the worst moment of life with humility and gratitude
  • Focus less on the fear of dying and more on the desire for a good death
  • Shift defense mechanisms into offense strategies for personal empowerment
  • Dare to be distinguished – free of obligation and deserving of respect
  • Declare a finish line to prolonging life by creating a personal will to die
  • Guide personal intentions through the storm front of conviction and compassion
  • Complete an Advance Care Directive as a matter of the heart and good conscience

Dear Dr. Haselhorst,

I attended the workshop, Wishes to Die For, at the Desert Foothills Library in early January. I had tried numerous times over eight or possibly ten years to complete "The Advanced Directive List." Of course, there are many lists. The one I had was several pages long and provided by the Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames, Iowa. Each time I tried to complete the form I became concerned about checking contradictory wishes. With feelings of failure I would put the list away--year after year!

At the workshop I was impressed with your candor and experience. I felt inspired. I purchased your book but the value was the one page letter. It was liberating. I was able to state my wishes in one page with six additional sentences on page two. I entitled the document "My End of Life Choices." I have six sections in my document which are entitled by either statements or questions. They are:

  • Acceptance of Death as an Inevitable Part of Life
  • How did I thrive? What are the major "signatures" of my life? Are my goals changing?
  • Who will make medical decisions when I am no longer able? What I do not want at the end of my life?
  • What do I want at the end of my life?
Is it possible to share your letter with friends? The letter does not have any identifying information but I will give full credit to you and provide information about your websites. Again, I say thank you but feel the words are inadequate to express my gratitude.


~ Pat

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Wishes To Die For - The Workbook

Wishes come true when personal choices lead to happily ever after.

  • The WTDF workbook simplifies the decision-making process of advance care planning.
  • The 5-step holistic exercise outlined for each time-stamped life passage prompts heartfelt wishes to emerge naturally.
  • Engage the end-of-life conversation with your future self sooner than later.

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